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Announcing NC Foothills Experience

"We are excited to launch the NC Foothills Experience. Our region possesses so many great assets and things to do. This tool helps our residents and visitors easily access information, and it demonstrates how this area is the best of North Carolina," said Anthony Starr, WPCOG Executive Director.

The web app, which can be found at, focuses on four key categories that contribute significantly to our region's high quality of life:

Outdoor Adventures – state and local trails and greenways, parks, ball fields, and biking opportunities; Fun Places – cultural amenities including museums, libraries, art galleries, and historic destinations; Farm Fresh – local food in the form of u-pick farms, roadside stands, butchers, and farmers' markets; and Cool Spaces – wineries, distilleries, bike shops, outfitters, and local breweries.

Each location and event included within these four categories are represented by icons on maps, which users can click on to see immersive high-definition drone videos, photos, and engaging descriptions. Users can then click on another category to build their own personalized experiences. For example, after selecting a historic destination to visit, a user can click on the other categories to create a multi-destination experience, including a bite to eat at a local brew pub, a bike ride on a greenway, and a visit to a downtown.

Visitors and prospective new neighbors will find an amazing treasure trove of experiences to explore, while even long-term residents are likely to discover something new to try.

WPCOG is grateful to the many project partners and stakeholders who worked together to make this vision a reality. Project partners included our 28 local government members, the US Economic Development Administration, our local tourism promotion and visitors bureaus, Main Street and downtown development programs, chambers of commerce and EDCs, local extension offices, and the hundreds of people across the region that assisted us by providing photos of their locations and events.



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