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Please help us conserve water during this period of water shortage.

Communities throughout the Catawba River Basin are asking customers to conserve water due to decreasing stream flows, groundwater levels, and lake storage levels throughout the basin.

The City of Hickory, in cooperation with other major water suppliers along the Catawba River, and Duke Energy participate in a joint management effort to properly manage the water resources available within the Catawba River Basin. This group has worked cooperatively over the past 20 years to develop the Low Inflow Protocol (LIP), which the water suppliers and Duke Energy use to manage water resources throughout the basin.

Hickory City Manager Warren Wood is declaring a Stage 1 LIP condition in conformance with the City of Hickory’s Water Shortage Response Plan due to decreasing stream flows, lower groundwater table elevation, and decreased lake storage levels. These conditions are due to the lack of rain the basin experienced this year. The hotter temperatures during the summer months lead to seasonal elevated evaporation from the lakes. Stream flow, groundwater table, and lake storage level data are monitored closely, and the Catawba River Drought Management Advisory Group evaluates this data monthly during times of drought. On Nov. 1, this data reflected conditions meeting the requirements of a Stage 1 LIP declaration.

Stage 1 LIP is the first stage of voluntary water use conservation. The goal of this stage is to reduce water use by 3-5%. Measures to achieve this goal could include:

• Water outdoors with the intention of applying no more than one inch per week to grasses and shrubs.

• Turn water off while brushing teeth or washing face.

• Repair leaking faucets and/or toilets.

Customers are asked to meet and continue the 3-5% water use reduction goal until further notice.

Partner governmental and nonprofit systems of the City of Hickory affected by this Stage 1 LIP declaration include the cities of Conover and Claremont; towns of Brookford, Catawba, Long View, and Maiden; portions of Alexander and Catawba counties; Icard Township Water Corporation; and all customers receiving a bill directly from the City of Hickory.

If customers have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local water provider. Customers may also get water use conservation tips from the Catawba-Wateree Water.

Management Group’s website at



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