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Patrol Division

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The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible division of the Long View Police Department. The Patrol Division serves the Town of Long View twenty-four hours a day. These officers patrol 5.5 square miles consisting of approximately 5,500 residents. 


Patrol Officers answer calls for service, respond to traffic accidents, check residences and businesses, investigate crimes, prepare reports, make arrests, in addition to many other duties. Generally, Patrol Officers are the first to arrive on the scene of an emergency.


Currently, the Patrol Division consists of ten full-time Patrol Officers that make up two platoons: A-Platoon and B-Platoon. Each platoon consists of a Patrol Lieutenant, a Patrol Sergeant, and three additional Patrol Officers. The Long View Police Department also has a Reserve Officer Program that supplements the Patrol Division.


The Long View Police Department has adopted a proactive and community-oriented policing philosophy. Our Patrol Officers work in conjunction with citizens to identify problems and improve public safety within the community in a professional and dependable manner.

Police Department: (828) 327-2343 | Fax: (828) 578-6703

Address: 2404 1st Ave SW | Hickory, NC 28602

Animal Control: (828) 327-2343

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