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The School Resource Officer Program is a unit part of the Support Services Division at Long View Police Department. The School Resource Officer Program has been very successful. The students see the School Resource Officer as a mentor, someone they can befriend, communicate with, go to for guidance, and call on for assistance anytime.


A positive relationship with a School Resource Officer has been shown to have ever-lasting positive effects on a child’s perception of safety at school and home. A relationship built between the students and the School Resource Officer allows them to solve problems before those problems can become more complicated and challenging.  


Long View Police Department has one School Resource Officer, Sgt. Eddie Marlowe, who provides protection and services to Southwest Primary School (Grades Pre-K, K-2) and W. H. Johnston Seventh Day Adventist Church School (Grades K-8).

School Resource Officer

For more information, please contact SRO Sgt. Eddie Marlowe at 828-327-2343, Ext. 331 or 828-324-8884, 

Police Department: (828) 327-2343 | Fax: (828) 578-6703

Address: 2404 1st Ave SW | Hickory, NC 28602

Animal Control: (828) 327-2343

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