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The administration of the Town's offices, positions and departments are overseen by the Town Manager, who is a sworn appointee of the Board of Aldermen.

The Town Clerk is appointed by the Town Manager and facilitates notices of special meetings of the Board of Aldermen, takes and maintains minutes of the Board, is the custodian of town records and holds other town administrative duties.

The Town Attorney is a Board appointed position responsible for the prosecution and defense of suits for and against the town; to draw or approve deeds, contracts, bonds, notes or other legal papers required for town business; to approve all ordinances before their passage; to advise town officers on legal matters concerning the town; and perform other legal duties prescribed by the Board or required by law.

Danny Hipps

Town Manager

Heather Minor

Town Clerk

Jimmy R. Summerlin, Jr. 

Town Attorney

Partner | Young, Morphis, Bach & Taylor LLP

PO Drawer 2428 | Hickory, NC 28603

(828) 322.4663

James Cozart

Finance Director/Human Resources Officer

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