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Steps to Opening a Business
  1. Check with the Town Planner to see if the business will be allowed by the zoning requirements.

  2. If allowed by the zoning requirements, the business owner should have business location inspected by fire marshal and/or building inspector. (Inspection only by fire marshal if same type of business is moving into building; example-if previous business in building was a beauty parlor and it is being reopened as a beauty parlor.  However, if a use was previously a beauty parlor but is now proposed to open as a paint spray booth for cars, an inspection by both the fire marshal and building inspector would be required. (This requires a Certificate of Occupancy signed by both the fire marshal and building inspector and last by the Town of Long View Town Planner.)  This may require a trip to the business property by the Town Planner to see that all current requirements are beings met.

  3. If opening business requires any changes to building or grounds where it is located, a permit for such activities may be required. This would include any type of electric, plumbing or mechanical work.  If in question, the Town Planner can generally tell you if a permit is required.

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