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Community Resource Officer

The Community Resource Officer is a unit part of the Support Services Division of Long View Police Department. The Community Resource Officer is committed to improving the quality of life in the Town of Long View through education, crime prevention, training, and bridging the gap between the department's police officers to the customers, the citizens, and visitors.


The Community Resource Officer connects the department and its police officers by working in partnership with the community and its resources to provide a high degree of effective and efficient public safety while maintaining respect for cultural diversity and individual rights and dignity.


For more information, please contact:
Community Resource Officer Sgt. Eddie Marlowe at 828.327.2343, Ext. 331 or 828.324.8884  Email: 

Police Department: (828) 327-2343 | Fax: (828) 578-6703

Address: 2404 1st Ave SW | Hickory, NC 28602

Animal Control: (828) 327-2343

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