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Criminal Investigations Division

The Long View Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is comprised of one Lieutenant and two investigators.  CID investigators are responsible for the follow-up investigation of felonious and serious misdemeanor crimes, by collecting evidence, interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects, along with preparing case files for the District Attorney’s office.   


CID investigates:


  • Death Investigations

  • Personal Crimes

  • Property Crimes

  • Drug Violations

  • Fraud

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Juvenile Crimes

  • Cyber Crime


For any information relating to a crime or narcotics activity, please call the Long View Police Department at (828) 327-2343 and ask to speak with an investigator.


Police Department: (828) 327-2343 | Fax: (828) 578-6703

Address: 2404 1st Ave SW | Hickory, NC 28602

Animal Control: (828) 327-2343

C-176192 Long View Police badge North Ca
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