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The Town of Long View Canine Unit is staffed by Sergeant Trivett and K9 Lucca. 


Canine Lucca is a 7-year-old male Dutch Shepherd. Lucca is a highly motivated canine who loves to work. Lucca assists Sergeant Trivett everyday while working, and when Sergeant Trivett is not working, Lucca stays with Sergeant Trivett at his home. Lucca has been trained to perform narcotics searches, tracking, building searches, area searches, obedience, article searches, and suspect apprehension. Lucca trains for at least 16 hours a month with Sergeant Trivett.  


Police K9s are great resources to a police department due to supporting a variety of patrol operations, crime prevention, and providing a high level of officer safety.

Canine Unit

Sergeant Trivett and Canine Lucca

Police Department: (828) 327-2343 | Fax: (828) 578-6703

Address: 2404 1st Ave SW | Hickory, NC 28602

Animal Control: (828) 327-2343

C-176192 Long View Police badge North Ca
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