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LVFD Apperatus


ENGINE 23 is a 2010 Pierce Contender and is our first due engine on all non industrial responses. It is equipped with a waterous 1500 gpm pump, Class "A" foam system and 1000 gallon tank. It carries 1000 feet of 5" supply line and extrication equipment.This apparatus also carries a variety of tools and equipment that are required in making an initial structural fire attack.

ENGINE 24 is a 1988 Pierce Dash and is our first due engine on all non-industrial responses within the town limits. It is equipped with a 1,000 gpm Waterous pump, a 500 gallon water tank and 1,000 feet of 5" hydrant supply line. This apparatus also carries a variety of tools and equipment that are required in making an initial structural fire attack.

LADDER 25 is a 2002 Pierce Dash and runs first out on all industrial and commercial alarms. It features a 75 foot ladder with a waterway and a 1,500 gpm Waterous pump. The truck carries 500 gallons of water and 1010 feet of 5" hydrant supply line. Numerous ground ladders, forcible entry/ventilation equipment and ventilation fans are carried on this apparatus.

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