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Chief’s Message


I cannot express how proud I am of the men and women of the Long View Fire Department and what it means to me personally to lead this department into the future. The Long View Fire Department operates on one simple statement “Do your job in an efficient manner while maintaining situational awareness”. The business of fighting fire and being a public servant is not a “safe” profession. So we cannot be safe in everything we do, but we can maintain situational awareness to bring everyone home. Members of the Long View Fire Department form a highly motivated team dedicated to providing the community with first quality hazard mitigation services.


As is still common in this and many other parts of the country on call firefighters are the majority and are relied upon heavily by their respective communities. These individuals are held to the same professional standards of their paid counterparts. They contribute numerous hours each month, training, attending meetings, assisting in apparatus and station maintenance and of course fighting fires and responding to medical emergencies, and other community services. Their personal sacrifices save the taxpayer, untold amounts of money each year.


We’re proud of our firefighters and their efforts to attain and retain various certifications, which enable us to provide a superior level of service to the community. Below are the personnel that form the Long View Fire Department. Thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Chief James E. Brinkley

Chief of Department

Long View Fire Department

2404 1st Ave. SW | Long View N.C. 28602

Phone: 828-322-1311 | Fax: 828-322-2255    

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