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LVFD - Original Fire Station
LVFD - Firefighters, Circa 1953
LVFD 1951 Dodge Pumper_front
LVFD 1951 Dodge Pumper
LVFD - Early 1970s
LVFD - Tanker 26
LVFD - 1980s
LVFD - Old Fire Station


Organized in 1953, Long View Fire Department was originally located at 139 24th Street Southwest, and had only one truck bay. Additional bays were added later as the department grew. The building still stands and is occupied by Long View Public Works.

The town's first fire engine was an American LaFrance which was leased from nearby Hickory Fire Department. This truck was given back to the City of Hickory when Long View purchased its first pumper, which is currently on display in the Catawba County Fire Museum. An old response log is still kept in the station. The log has the first recorded run made by the newly formed department. The entry, dated March 1, 1953 reads:

"Trash fire...1:45pm...539 26th Street Southwest...Truck arrived back at station at 2:30 pm...booster reel used"

Long View's first fire chief was Gene Annas. Others who followed included Charles Lail, Charlie Eggers and Russell Robinson. In 1980, Ernest Riley became the department's first paid fire chief, a position he held until 1994. Riley retired in 1996.

In 1994, the fire department was merged with the police department when the Town of Long View adopted the concept of "Public Safety". During the following year, the town's emergency services were relocated to 2404 1st Avenue South West. David Turner served as the initial Director of Public Safety until his retirement and was succeeded in 1998 by Cecil Rogers who held the position until the department was disbanded in 2001. When the Long View Fire Department was re-established, D. Eric Shepherd was appointed as the new Fire Chief.  Chief James Brinkley was appointed the Fire Chief after the retirement of Eric Shepherd.

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